Welcome to élan Healing Arts! élan Healing Arts serves to provide a unique healing experience for the body, mind, and soul. We offer a safe, holistic environment to support change and balance in a body that is in a constant state of flux. In doing so, this allows you an opportunity to hear the quiet within and discover what lies beneath the surface, to get in touch with you!


Swedish/Relaxation Massage
The perfect choice for clients under stress or for your first session.

Swedish massage is probably the most common and most requested type of massage. Most envision Swedish massage as smooth, continuous strokes with the hands or forearms, with the main focus on relaxation.

Swedish MassageWhile using these strokes with varying pressure, it is useful for releasing the buildup of toxins from the muscles and encouraging the circulation of blood, which carries the vital oxygen and nutrients into the cells and carries waste out.

Oft times it is incorporated in the beginning of your deep tissue or sports massage to prepare the muscles for further work. Swedish massage is the perfect choice for clients under stress or a good choice for a client's first time session.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage consists of a full body massage with Deep Tissue techniques, passive contraction and release, PLUS assisted range of motion exercises and stretching.

Sports MassageWhether preparing for a major physical endeavor, or upon its completion, or even if you are the weekend warrior, Sports massage can help you prepare for optimal performance and can help you recover after it is said and done.  Effleurage and deep tissue strokes help release the uric acid and lactic acid from the muscle tissues. Your fluid intake helps move these toxins out. The increased circulation of your blood carries fresh oxygen and nutrients to your depleted cells.

These techniques, when employed together can improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and improve range of motion.  You may be able to recover faster and more comfortably!

Intuitive Bodywork SessionDeep Tissue Massage
The most requested session, this is 75-90 minutes of intuitive bodywork, reading the muscles and energy and working with your BEing to allow the body to begin recalibrating and balancing itself. We begin with assessing your current state, discuss your concerns, and listen to the body throughout the process.

The session concludes with connecting and integrating the changes and grounding you for a totally calming, yet engaging experience.

Sinus/Head and/or Indian Head Massage
Head massage is offered while seated in a regular chair, fully clothed or lying down, under the warmed blankets. The focus is on relief of stress that has accumulated in the muscles and joints of the shoulders, neck, head, and face. Various movements are employed, including kneading the shoulder, neck, and scalp areas. Additionally, pressure points in the shoulder, neck, and on the face are stimulated by gentle stroking and holding.

Indian Head MassageHead Massage is beneficial as a stress and tension reliever and is useful for migraines, sinusitis, and headaches. It soothes the nerves and sharpens your inner focus, leaving you with an energized, yet calm sense of well-being.


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