Welcome to élan Healing Arts! élan Healing Arts serves to provide a unique healing experience for the body, mind, and soul. We offer a safe, holistic environment to support change and balance in a body that is in a constant state of flux. In doing so, this allows you an opportunity to hear the quiet within and discover what lies beneath the surface, to get in touch with you!

Why élan?

élan definition: n. - (1) a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste, distinctive, demure simplicity (2) Refined, as "tested" through the fire, walking this journey alongside you

To live up to this standard, élan Healing Arts serves to provide a well-deserved, unique healing experience!

e'lan Definition

Today is a good day to…
relax ~ renew ~ revitalize

What is Different at élan
than the chains and spas?

  • The bodyword offered at élan can be described as restorative massage
  • Sue works intuitively with the body and hones in on the tissue or muscles that are tight or out of balance
  • The pressure and techniques used are adjusted to your specific needs; this may include gentle palpation, compression, gentle stretching, or fulcrums
  • Your energy level is affected by the bodywork, hence your whole BEing, your body, mind, and spirit are being integrated during the session

Why I Do What I Do:

Belief Statement - more>>

Why Choose élan?

  • you will have ample time to share your concerns
  • we will discuss options for Best Possible Outcomes
  • the session will be customized to your specific needs
  • your session will begin with gentle breathwork and visualization to allow your BEing to relax and receive the most from your session
  • you will have the same therapist providing your care on an ongoing basis
  • élan Healing Arts is located in a private, quiet setting away from the hustle and bustle of every day life

Begin your healing journey today!
You are worth it!


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